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Site Update

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Site Update
Author: Grajeda (62 Posts) Posted: 9/30/09 1:14:34 PM Views: 10379
Topic: Site Update » Reply to this Post
First of all Matt and I would like to say sorry about the site incursion last month. I guess some people just like to ruin things for no particular reason.

We have found where the problem was on the site and have remedied it. We also have stepped up security on the site. All passwords have been changed and encrypted.

When you go to login to the site (on the left hand menu), your old password will not work. Click the 'Forgot password' link and follow the instructions.

When you login, please take the time to update your password. You can do this by clicking on the 'My Profile' link on the left hand menu (this link will show after you have logged in).

Again, sorry for the problems that may have arised from the site breakin. We are planning on site changes over the coming months, so thanks in advance for all your understanding and patience.

Matt and Ted

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