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2006 Phil Nevin National Classic Anderson Bat HR Derby Results

Special thanks to all the staff who made this event successful for all the high school programs.

By Matt Slaven
April 15, 2006

Easton Gust - Cottonwood HS wins Anderson Bat HR Derby!

Easton Gust with Anderson Bat rep. Charles Chatman.

Top 3 Finishers!

Left to right: Easton Gust (Winner) Charles Chatman, Anthony Aliotti and Michael Morrison both runner up.

Semi Final Four

The Elite 12

Left - Right: Marques Reed, Kyle Smith, Easton Gust, Anthony Aliotti, Cliff Anderson, Travis Higgs, Michael Morrison, Matt Jenkins, Francis Larson, Ryan Aguayo. Front Row L-R: Brandon Ertle and Sean Madigan
2006 Home Run Derby Participants

Travis Higgs - Deer Valley HS

Taylor Stanton - Deer Valley HS

Jake Hess - Galena HS

Tony Thompson - Galena HS

Anthony Aliotti - De La Salle HS
Runner Up

Chris Lynch - De La Salle HS

Francis Larson - Esperanza HS

Michael Nesbitt - Esperanza HS

Sean Madigan - Servite HS

Ryan Aguayo - Servite HS

Kyle Smith - Charter Oak HS

Kyle Nyeholt - Charter Oak HS

JD Haver - LB Wilson HS

Marques Reed - LB Wilson HS

Taylor Equitz - El Dorado HS

Brandon Ertle - El Dorado HS

Michael Morrison - Cypress HS
Runner Up

Daniel Voorheis - Cypress HS

Casey Haerther - Chaminade HS

Blake Bennisto - Chaminade HS

Clayton Davis - Palm Beach Central HS

Kyle Labutka - Palm Beach Central HS

Ryan Whelan - West Boca HS

John McVey - West Boca HS

La Curtis Mayes - Riverside Poly HS

Matt Jenkins - Riverside Poly HS

Cliff Anderson - Cottonwood HS

Easton Gust - Cottonwood HS